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road to revo
Updated: 11/20/2020
road to revo
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  • Proclamation of 1763
  • I fought in the war for this land! Why should I leave?
  • This land now belongs to the Natives and you must leave.
  • Quartering Act
  • Ma'am, we are going to reside in your house
  • Please, no, I cannot even pay for myself, let alone you two!
  • Ma'am, you are required to let us in by order of the Quartering Act.
  • Stamp Act
  • Let's place a tax on legal documents, paper, and dice.
  • This will provide more money for us, our trade and our soldiers
  • After the victory in the French-Indian War, King George of England created a border in the Appalachian Mountains. The king said all colonists must stay east of this line, with Native Americans on the west. An intent of the line was to reduce conflict between the two groups of people.
  • Townshend Acts
  • The stamp act has been repealed.
  • The Quartering Act was passed in 1765. By order of the act any Redcoat soldier had the right to stay in a colonists house, with the colonist providing food, water, bedding, candles and other materials to them.
  • Boston Massacre
  • The Stamp Act was passed the same year as the Quartering Act. This act required a physical stamp to be imprinted into all paper products. The stamp signified there was a tax on this item. The tax was used to help fund England and their troops. This law was very frowned upon by the colonists and this led to it being repealed.
  • Boston Tea Party
  • The British passed a new act following the repeal of the stamp act. People would be taxed on tea, glass, paper, paint and lead. Additionally, any British official could inspect cargo without your consent. Many considered this to be unnecessary, but some though it could help bust smugglers.
  • What do we do now???
  • Let's place a tax on valuable items. This will get us money.
  • On March 15th, violent riots erupted outside of the Boston Customs House. Soldiers at the protest were being attacked by snowballs filled with rocks and ice. In retaliation the Redcoats fought back and 5 colonists were shot dead. Some people were angry that the soldiers killed innocent people, and others say the soldiers killed them out of self-defense.
  • The citizens of Boston were ordered by gov. Thomas Hutchinson to unload three tea ships in the harbor, but on 12/16/73, the rebellious citizens, in retaliation to the new taxes on tea and after refusing for days, dressed as Native Americans dumped the tea into the harbor, costing the British a hefty amount of money.
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