Updated: 5/12/2020

Storyboard Text

  • I am Elya Yelnats, I am 15 years old and I am in love with Myra Menke
  • One day Elya went to Myra´s father to ask him for her hand but so did Igor Barkov, a pig farmer of 57 years old.
  • You would have to bring me a fat pig for my daughter!
  • Madame Zeroni, i need your help, I am in love with Myra and I have to give a fattest pig to her father to take her.
  • You are sure? Myra´s head is as empty as a flowerport!!!
  • Ok, I understand you. I give you this piglet
  • "On the top of the mountain there is a stream, you must carry the piglet every day and let it drink from the stream. As it drink, you are to sing to him""On the day of Myra´s fifteenth birthday, you should do it for the last time, then take it directly to Myra´s Father""After, i want you to do one more thing for me, said Madame Zeroni. I want you to carre me up the mountain, I want drink water, and I want you to sing me"IF YOU FAILED, YOU AND YOUR DESCENDANTS WOULD BE DOOMED FOR ALL OF ETERNITY
  • Why not let Myra decide?
  • Ohh! the two pigs weight exactly the same. How am I decide?
  • I am confused. Iwill think a number.....
  • He forgot his promise to carry Madame Zeroni up the mountain. That was THE CURSE
  • I can´t believe it. Madame zeroni was right! Myra has an empty head!!! Look that sign... it´s time to America!