Sun moon and stars

Updated: 5/21/2020
Sun moon and stars

Storyboard Text

  • Earth and moon are protecting earth
  • Before the humans were made the sun and moon were the pretectors of earth
  • Layfa wants to desrtoy earth
  • But the god of evil Layfa and his son attis wanted to destroy earth
  • I need to destroy earth
  • Layfa and his army set fire to earth
  • Lite it up on fire
  • So Layfa and his army went to earth and lit is all on fire
  • Sun and moon make stars
  • So the next time Layfa came he sent his son. They did not no about the stars until Layfas son Attis and destroy him.
  • Layfas son Attis gets destroyed
  • aghhhhhh !
  • Layfa try's to destroy earth once and for all
  • You killed my son. You are going to pay
  • Sun and Moon new the next time Layfa came he would destroy earth for good. So they made the stars to protect earth
  • Layfa is so angrey that his son is dead he gets his whole army to destroy earth onc and for all. But as they reach earth and the stars his entire army is destroyed. Layfa had no chance to win so he gave up. He is kept in the under world. So when every there is a earth quake it is Layfa geting angrey.