Key events in Edward IV's first reign and the readeption of Henry VI
Updated: 1/31/2021
Key events in Edward IV's first reign and the readeption of Henry VI

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  • 29th March 1461 - Battle of Towton - a decisive Yorkist victory, estimated 1/10 16-60 year olds took part in this battle. Yorkist victory viewed by some historians as surprising, as Lancastrians held higher position, and received significant support from 18 nobles. Edward IV becomes king.
  • May 1461, Edward IV secretly marries Elizabeth Woodville, on September 1464 Edward IV's marriage was announced to his advisers, including the earl of Warwick who was angry, as the marriage bought no advantages, and Warwick spent that whole year looking for a good bride for Edward IV. This marked a turning point in the relationship between the two
  • 11th July 1469 Isabel Neville (daughter of Warwick) marries George, duke of Clarence (brother to Edward IV) in Calais. In late August/Sept of the same year there is growing disorder in the North which leads to the release of Edward IV after his capture by Warwick
  • 26 July 1469 - Battle of Edgecote - victory for Warwick's supporters (Warwick and Clarence defeat kings army) and Edward IV is captured and imprisoned by Warwick
  • Warwick flees to France April 1470. On 22 July 1470 Warwick formally reconciled the House of Lancaster and Margaret of Anjou, with 3 days later, his daughter, Anne Neville, betrothed to Lancastrian Prince Edward
  • 13 Sept 1470 Warwick's invasion force lands in England, on the 2nd of October 1470, Edward IV flees to the Netherlands, with Henry VI reinstated by Warwick 'the kingmaker'