The Abbasid Revolution
Updated: 11/23/2020
The Abbasid Revolution

Storyboard Text

  • Many people were discontent with the Umayyads.
  • Your family shouldn't keep the power to yourselves, we should choose the caliph.
  • You aren't descended from the family of the prophet Muhammad, you shouldn't be in power.
  • We're tired of being seen as 2nd class citizens, we want the same rights as you.
  • Hooray!
  • A Persian general called Abu Muslim led the Abbasid armies and with his help the Abbasid leader, Abul Abbas al-Saffah declared himself caliph in Kufa, a Shiite dominated city in 748.
  • I declare myself caliph
  • In 750 the Abbasid and Umayyad armies met at the battle of Zab near the river Tigris. When Muawiyah realized he wasn't going to win the battle he fled, but was chased down and beheaded.
  • Today you die!