A Midsummer Night's Dream
Updated: 5/8/2020
A Midsummer Night's Dream

Storyboard Text

  • Would you like to hear some music, my sweet love?
  • Go to sleep dear. Fairies, go away.
  • Scratch my head, Peaseblossom.
  • Sure, I am about to sleep now.
  • Yes king.
  • Titania, be like you used to be, and see like you used to see. Now, Titania, wake up, my sweet queen.
  • Puck, take the donkey head off the Athenian man. When he wakes up, he can go back to Athens like the rest of them do.
  • Lets go, it is morning now.
  • Tell me what happened, and why I am sleeping with an ass.
  • My beautiful queen, lets listen to the music my hounds make with their barking
  • My lord, that’s my daughter asleep on the ground over there with Lysander. Demetrius, and Helena are over there. Why are they all here together?
  • You pretty lovers are lucky you met me here. Come with us to Athens. We three couples will celebrate with a sumptuous feast.
  • We all love eachother.
  • Where is everyone, I better get back. Why did they leave me sleeping here!