Updated: 11/30/2020

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  • YAY! Those stupid pelicans are dead! Wahahahahahaha
  • Storm Boy key scene 1
  • Storm Boy key scene 2
  • Storm Boy key scene 3
  • Storm Boy lives in a beach shack with his Dad Tom. One day storm Boy and Fingerbone Bill found baby Pelicans on the beach.
  • Storm Boy key scene 4
  • Storm Boy raised the baby Pelicans with his Dad.
  • Storm Boy key scene 5
  • Storm Boy let the Pelicans go back to the wild. Mr Pecival came back from the wild. This made storm Boy feels happy.
  • Storm Boy key sence 6
  • Storm Boy's father Tom was in danger. Mr Pecival saved his father in the Ocean.
  • Mr Pecival got killed.
  • Storm Boy revisited his childhood and he decided to keep the land for the Pecilcans and Aboriginals.