pig-heart boy
Updated: 4/7/2021
pig-heart boy

Storyboard Text

  • I found a surgeon that could implant you a pig's heart.
  • I don't want my son to be a pig-heart boy
  • I want to have the transplantation
  • I promise, I won't tell anyone. Are you sure you want to do this?
  • I will get a pig's heart transplanted. Please don't tell anyone!
  • I don't want to go through the X-rays. I am pregnant.
  • Hello Trudy.Thank you for giving me your heart.
  • Cameron has severe problems with his heart due to a viral infection he had 2 years ago. Michael, his father asks Dr. Bryce, an immunologist specialised in trangenetics, to choose his son for the first transplantation of a pig's heart into a human body.
  • Hello Alex. I want to tell you about me in case I don't get the chance to meet you.
  • Cameron is not allowed to tell anyone about his xenotransplantation but he tells his best friend Marlon about it. 
  • Cameron and his parents go to the hospital to meet Cameron's donor, the pig named "Trudy". When they have to pass through an X-ray-scanner, the mother reveals that she is pregnant.
  • $$$
  • Cameron starts to record his story for his unborn sibling that he calls "Alex". Cameron survives the transplantation and gets better very fast.
  • When Cameron and his parents get back, they have to enter their house with the help of the police because the street is full of journalists waiting to interview Cameron and his parents. The reason for that is Marlon and his family telling the press about Cameron's surgery for money.
  • Cameron gets offers to sell his story but his parents forbid him to accept the offer and give him a lesson about money. Cameron goes back to school and finds out that there are people who are against xenotransplantation. After a while Cameron's immune system starts to reject Cameron's new heart....