accounting cpt 2
Updated: 1/16/2021
accounting cpt 2

Storyboard Text

  • I am having financial problems in one of my departments, and I think my colleague has something to do with it, come work for me.
  • Yeah we'll take your offer!
  • Hey I spoke to the boss just now and he's been missing a lot of financial reports for a few weeks by now.
  • Wow, I'm surprised on how that this business hasn't been affected sooner, this has to be something that had happened recently
  • We looked at the last financial report you told him to get, and we noticed that certain items are getting sold but still have a high quantity, which means the person in charge isn't showing good faith in their reports. Do me a favour and put cameras around the ham specifically because those are oddly getting sold quickly.
  • Hey, my colleague and I came to the conclusion that you might be right about the fact that someone is in charge for the money loss.
  • REC
  • $10
  • You have no proof I actually did this! That's not me! I deserve more respect
  • Drop off your uniform tommorow, you're fired. Goodbye.
  • I am very dissapointed in you, you've been dishonest to our company and to me
  • In the future, keep in mind who you are hiring, just because they need a full time job, doesn't mean they are suited to be a manager or supervisor.
  • Anytime, but for reference, I want to tell you that we didn't just fire him because of our benefit, he also needs to learn principles specifically from the GAAP and from this experience, he's shown great dishonesty towards the company
  • Thank you two very much for your services.