Lord of the Flies
Updated: 5/19/2020
Lord of the Flies
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  • Fire is the most important thing
  • Nobody listens...why didn't they let me go on the expedition?
  • Piggy isn't helping...no fair
  • At least I can lead my hunters
  • Smoke! Smoke!
  • I don't believe in the beast...
  • We can roll rocks-
  • This would make a wizard fort.
  • School boys find themselves stranded on an island without any grownups. They soon establish a chief, Ralph, whom set rules for rescue. Ralph, Jack, and Simon go on an expedition. After, the group then starts a signal fire atop of a mountain.
  • Jack and Roger painted there faces and went hunting. A ship passed the island but the fire was out. Jack and some others came back with a pig. Jack broke Piggys' glasses; the boys that hunted held a tribal "dance".
  • Ralph set more ground rules for the boys. The fear of a beast on the island is rising as is the tension around camp. Sam and Eric supposedly saw the beast on the mountain. The boys search Castle Rock with different interests in mind.
  • Chaos further ensues when Jack makes the widening schism even wider! Once he decides to create his own tribe, they hunt, leave the pig's head as a sacrifice, and raid Ralph's group for fire. Little did they know, Simon would "talk" with it and then become unconscious.
  • Ralph, Piggy, and the twins go to Jack's feast. Simon stumbles into the party while the hunters "dance". Simon dies. Jack plans to raid Ralph again for fire and fails. However, he took Piggy's glasses with him.
  • Once Ralph demands for Piggy's specs, pandemonium broke out. Roger made a rock to fall which shattered the conch and caused Piggy fall to his death. Jack's tribe then threw spears and Ralph and tortued the twins to join. Jack's group hunts Ralph and sets the island on fire. The boys get rescued by a Navy officer (like Ralph's dad).
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