The Outsiders
Updated: 11/7/2018
The Outsiders
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  • One night, Ponyboy was walking home from the movies. He had gone alone becasuse he didnt want to wait for Darry or Sodapop to get home. Suddenly, a blue mustang turns the corner and 5 socs come out of it.
  • Ponyboy heard a voice from bvehind him ''Hey greaser, we're gonna do you a favor. We're gonna cut off all that greasy hair for you, greaser."
  • A medium sized soc came out of the car and said "we're gonna give you a haircut greaser." Pulling a knife out of his pocket. He finally thought and managed to answer. "NO" he said backing away from the knife. 
  • 3 other socs came out of the car. They pinned hime down and pulled out their knives.By that time his hair was cut and one of the socs had caught his head. He was bleeding.
  • Suddnely, the socs jumped up and left. Iwas wondering what was going on. Darry! He had come to find me. The socs got in their car and left. "Did they hurt you bad? asked Darry. "I'm okay." I replied. Then came Sodapop and the gang.
  • You got cut up a little eh ponyboy? said Darry. "I did" said Ponyboy. Darry pulled out a hancercheif from his pocket and wet it. He put it up agaist Ponyboys head. The End
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