Chernobyl Comic Strip
Updated: 1/3/2020
Chernobyl Comic Strip
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  • Oh no! We are late for work at Chernobyl! We have to go!
  • We have to, it's our job. How else will we pay for our house?!
  • No! You can't go! The nuclear radiation could kill you!
  • I hope boss doesn't get angry at us for being late!
  • Me too! You know how strict he is!
  • I need you to do the test! NOW!
  • I DO NOT CARE! Now hurry up before I fire BOTH OF YOU!
  • But Sir, the system could malfunction and an explosion is likely to happen.
  • NOOO!! You are risking your life!
  • Everybody! Evacuate! Evacuate!
  • I can't! I need to go back in there to help others escape!
  • 15 minutes later...
  • I'll be fine! Trust me! I'll come back out soon!
  • Many years after the explosion, one of the workers came back to the explosion sight.
  • Yes, it was the job with the best pay. Follow me, I want to show you something.
  • And this here son is...the town of Chernobyl. Behind us is where the explosion happened.
  • And you really worked here?
  • How did he die?
  • This is the grave of one of my closest friends. He was also my co-worker.
  • On the day of the explosion, he went back in to help others. He never came back.
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