Out of my mind
Updated: 8/18/2020
Out of my mind

Storyboard Text

  • You can do it melody
  • Mrs v a kind hash woman she belved in meldoy she treated meldoy like a normal girl a was the first person to hold meldoy
  • You can do it meldoy mrs v said meldoy with all her streath she rolled over. Mrs v was proud of her and knew she could do it
  • I made you a new board
  • There little secret was desert befor heathy food a choclate milkshake and sald
  • Kicking a screaming meldoy was not happy she wanted to talk but she couldnt. Mr v knew something was wrong.
  • Mrs v made a new board for meldoy she was so happy and no more kicking and screaming.
  • Meldoy and mrs v had so much fun in the rain they got wet and was so happy that night melody dreamed of chocolate clouds