the Persian war
Updated: 11/4/2020
the Persian war

Storyboard Description

for social studies class 7th grade

Storyboard Text

  • the Persians were trying to concur Greece, so they sent 15,000 solders to the Plain of Marathon by Athens. The Persians lost since the Athens had a better military.
  • we are the Persians and we want to talk over your land
  • the Battle of Marathon
  • we are Athens are we are not going to let you talk over are land
  • the Athens were losing the battel on land so they moved into the sea and devised a plain. there plain was to lure the Persian Navy into a narrow waterway between the Greek Islands and the Greek Mainland. this then led to the Persians getting stuck and then when the Persians armies' were stuck the Greeks would run into there sips with battling rams attached to there ships. making it so the Athens won the battel
  • the Battle of Salamis
  • the battel of Platea
  • the Persians were getting ready for another attach on Athens and so since the Sparta know that they couldn't handled it and the Athens would fall Sparta joined forces and they beet back the Persians.
  • we are the Athens and Sparta and we are not going to let you take over Greece