5th 6 week project part 1
Updated: 4/21/2020
5th 6 week project part 1
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  • Some milestones in the history of spacesuits are when the first suit was created in the 1930's. The first ever worn space suit was the soviet SK-1 suit. Next came the Gemini space walk suits, they did not have life support, just a hose that connected to the spacecraft with oxygen. The Apollo space suits were the first able to walk on the moon with. They had life support, boots, and no hose. Nowadays, suits are made of several layers of materials fit to survive space's crazy conditions.
  • Hey dude? Are you from the future or something? Our suits look nothing like like!
  • He has no idea what's coming his way...
  • Will it recreate the Earth's atmosphere? - Yes. Does it include an oxygen tank, temperature control, carbon dioxide removal, life support, and all the layers to protect them from sunlight, solar radiation, and tiny micrometeorites? - Ummm... Check!
  • There are many different things incorporated into space suits in order to support the life of an astronaut. But, the main goal is to recreate the Earths atmosphere, and to protect the astronaut itself.
  • Manned space exploration is the physical exploration of space either with humans or robots.
  • Unmanned space exploration is when a remote controlled craft is launched into space in order to further explore deeper areas.
  • Astronauts have to eat dehydrated/ re-hydrated food while they are up in space. The benefits of experimenting with growing plants in space is that it can be a major resource to astronauts in the future. Plants would not only provide food but oxygen food people in space as well.
  • Things such as computers, com devices, and radios help people on the Earth stay in contact with people working in space. They also help when signaling alerts and instructions from NASA.
  • Technology allows astronauts to safely get into space, using a spacecraft.
  • Space suits are probably the most important piece of technology used in space. They keep astronauts alive and safe while in and outside of the spacecraft, they also contain many features including, life support and radiation protection that helps astronauts work in such an unsteady environment.
  • The work out gear is also advanced technology that allows the team in space to work out while in zero gravity. This makes sure they don't lose to much body mass.
  • You wanna know how I support life? Well, it because I have the perfect conditions for it. I'm the perfect distance away from the sun, I have a magnetic field to protect things that live on me from UV rays, my atmosphere helps keep me warm too, oh and most important, I have the right chemical makeup including water and carbon.
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