Updated: 9/17/2020

Storyboard Text

  • The trojan war was a therey long battle it took 10 years a man named odyusseus came up with the plan to store men in a horse and kill the enemy and win take back helen.
  • I have a plan that will help us win...
  • Are you sure this will work Odyusseus?
  • the greeks put there best men in the tummy tum tum of the horse then left looking like they gave up.
  • I have a feeling it will.
  • why would they do that?
  • when it was night some soldies found the horse overjoyed they brought it back thinking this was the end of the war
  • good news this is
  • theres a horse outside on the shore it looks like a peace sign!
  • when a trojan preist said she did not like it the gods got angry and sent a monster to kill his son the trojans saw this and thought it ment the gods wanted them to celebrate the horse
  • we must destroy this! its gives me a bad feeling!
  • lets celebrate our victory
  • the trojans overjoyed with the ending of the war started a feast and danced and ate
  • that night all the Greeks sneaked out of the horse and opened the gates letting the army of Greeks in they killed anyone they saw and killed king praim making the troops lose moral afters this they took back Helen who was reunited with menulas.
  • we won!