Dystopian Project Part B
Updated: 5/13/2020
Dystopian Project Part B
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  • The year is 2,976, and multiple birthed babies are banned. Families also may not have over two babies. This is to help prevent overpopulation and to keep the gods happy.
  • We will hide them, Tom! They can't take my babies from me!
  • What do we do, Linda? I'm a doctor, and I just helped you give birth to quadruplets in our house! If someone finds out, the babies will die! Not to mention the trouble we will be in!
  • Tom and Linda hid the quadruplets for 17 years. They went to school on separate days and were forced to tell each other everything. But one day a government official came to their house to pick up some papers from Tom, and the official's security cameras accidentally caught all four of them talking.
  • The dance on that official's yacht was horrible! I'm just glad I don't have to deal with it tomorrow. This weird woman, Gigi, kept following me when I tried to get rid of the security footage. I deleted it, but I'm worried she saw it.
  • What do you mean? I have tomorrow! You have to tell me everything!
  • How would you know, darling? You weren't there. Your sister was. Now you're going to do everything I say or I'll turn you in.
  • Hey, that dance yesterday was really weird. So why don't we just forget about it?
  • What can the poor family do when someone finds out their secret?
  • Gigi told the quadruplets to sneak into the most heavily guarded place in the city: the mayor's house. They have to kill the tiger that guards the mayor's most beloved treasure and skin the tiger (Gigi desperately needs a tiger coat to complete her collection.).
  • I don't know if I can do this. I mean this tiger is really cute! And when did I get subjected to blackmail? No, I refuse to commit murder just because I'm afraid of the consequences of my existence!
  • Living 17 years under the identity of one person hasn't been easy. The quadruplets always wanted to escape, but a life as fugitives would be even harder. However, desperate times call for desperate measures.
  • How dare you! You filthy traitors! I will make sure everyone knows of the sins you have committed. The gods WILL make sure you pay for your very existence! You and your parents will be shunned and/or killed if it's the last thing I do!
  • The quadruplets and their parents are on the run in disguises until they can escape to New Asia and live a free life. The tiger roams free and enjoys tormenting Gigi in order to buy the family time to escape (other then the family Gigi remains the only one to know the truth of the quadruplets).
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