System Dynamics
Updated: 1/12/2020
System Dynamics
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  • Systems Dynamics How May Change Impact Systems
  • Hi Jen so great to see you. I really enjoy meeting up for lunch every Monday.
  • Hi Laura, I know it is so great that you work so close to my home and we can meet at this local restaurant.
  • Well it won't be for much longer as we are all going to be working from home.
  • Well that sounds exciting. You will be at home earlier to get dinner ready and possibly have more time to create the healthy dinners you always wanted to.
  • That is true and I am excited that I can save money by not driving as much and not buying work clothes. I won't be spending money meeting you for lunch as it is too far from where I live. This restaurant seems to be getting slower. I hope they never close some of the staff have large families to support.
  • We will have to make scheduled plans to ensure you get out of the house.
  • The Management Team outlined the impacts of working from home on mental and physical health and the feelings of isolation. As well, the impacts this will have on lifestyle and family. Some people have felt that they are not as mobile because they don't need to leave the house and get ready in the mornings. Also, people can just grab food out of the kitchen cupboard and unless you have a mansion you won't have to walk too far. Some impacts on the family can cause stress on relationships. For example on those who may have a retired spouse at home. Creating boundaries to respect each other's space is important. Also, the kids will now take the bus to school. They are not happy about this change and now have to get up extra early. It will take some time to adjust to.
  • Wow, these are all things I wouldn't have thought of. Working from home or anywhere in the world seems to be the way of the world now. If everyone started to work from home, this could create less stress on traffic, roads, and people. Less road rage. Maybe this is contributing to the department stores being closed now. If people don't need clothes as much or if they are not leaving home and able to shop online, I can see how businesses would be impacted. This could change the way people are employed. There may be a reduced need for road construction personnel and more need for IT personnel. Interesting to hear even some do their Master's Degree online. I wonder when the day will come that high school and elementary school will be offered only online. You will have to share your office with your children. This may happen sooner rather than later, given the school shootings and other factors impacting Teachers and students. Oh, that is a whole new Storyboard.
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