my story

Updated: 5/12/2020
my story

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  • you might go but not this time
  • mom, dad i want go to Canada to study
  • bae, you just 16, to young to go to Canada
  • come on baby, you can't not
  • mom, i had grew, and i really want go to Canada
  • i don't want to live here
  • let her go
  • come here with me
  • baby, where are you going?
  • i asked my parent agree for me to go to Canada to study, but they didn't agree, because i was too young
  • where did you go?
  • are you good
  • mom, im sorry, because every thing i did
  • im really worries for you
  • i was cried a lot
  • really mom,dad
  • yes i will
  • we decided for you to go to Canada, but..
  • It that's ok
  • maybe
  • when you feel tired you have to return to vietnam with me
  • i felt hate my parents because i thouht they didn't love me, so i ran away from my house. i accidentally made them angry.
  • now i just want to say sorry and i love you so much
  • i miss home, i miss your food
  • mom, dad i feel cold
  • i knew my fault already
  • however i didn't know where could i go so i return to home and i saw my mom still wating for me. i was cried and said sorry to her
  • But,...i don't understand instead of being angry with me they agreed to send me to Canada to study.
  • thanks, mom and dadi love you so much
  • But.. when i came to Canada. i cried because Canada was to cold, and that thing made me miss everyone in vietnam. especial food made by mome. i realized that was why my parent did not want me to go to Canada. and on mother's day i just want to say i will try my best you don't need to worry for me , i love you so much my queen.