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The Story of Revolution
Updated: 2/19/2020
The Story of Revolution
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  • The Spanish crown would only appoint peninsulares instead of creoles to important positions
  • Why do the peninsulares get all the jobs?!?
  • Spanish mercantilism policies forced colonist to exclusively trade with Spain, making them lose profits.
  • No
  • You can only trade with Spain!
  • No representation!
  • We want freedom!
  • Greater political power!
  • We want free trade!
  • After decades of fighting, Mexico gained independence from Spain under the Treaty of Cordoba on August 24th, 1821. It was led by several leaders such as, Miguel Hildago, Vincente Guerro, and Inturbide.
  • Though Mexico was independent, like other Latin American states, it was still very unstable and continued that way for decades. The first mexican empire split into Guatamala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and parts of the US.
  • Give us Independence!
  • March 14, 1811: Paraguayan IndependenceJuly 9, 1816: Argentinian IndependenceFebruary 1818: Chilean IndependenceAugust 24, 1821: Treaty of CordobaSeptember 15,1821: Nicaragua, Honduras, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala Independence (Act of Independence of Central America)September 1, 1822: Brazilian IndependenceJuly 26, 1822: Guayaquil ConferenceAugust 6, 1822: Creation of BoliviaAugust 25, 1825: Uruguay Independence
  • Independence
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