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Updated: 4/23/2020
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  • Robison v. Ewell
  • Atticus Questions Heck Tate
  • She her right eye was beaten.
  • What happened to Mayella?
  • Atticus questions Bob Ewell
  • What does that have to do with anything?
  • Mr. Ewell is left handed.
  • Tom Robinson gets accused of raping Mayella. Atticus trys to defend him even though he won't win.
  • Atticus ask Tom Robinson to sign his name
  • He is right-handed.
  • Can you sign your name?
  • Atticus questions Heck Tate specifically on which side of the face Mayella was beaten. This will soon influence Atticus's logos on who beat Mayella up.
  • Atticus questions Mayella
  • Mr. Finch is only trying to be polite.
  • Ma'am...
  • Atticus Questions Bob Ewell. When he can't find anything to help his case, Atticus asks Bob Ewell to sign his name which shows that he is left-handed. This adds to Atticus's logos when he questions Tom.
  • Tom Robinson tells his side of the story
  • Did you beat up Mayella?
  • Atticus asks Tom to sign his name. Atticus also points out Tom's damaged hand from the cotten gin. This reveals that Tom is right-handed which meant he wouldn't have been able to punch Mayella. Which can only mean Bob Ewell hurt her, through Atticus's logic.
  • Mayella can no longer lie about her father. She tries to appeals to pathos, knowing that she can no longer defend her dad. She begins to cry when Atticus calls her "ma'am".
  • I don't like how he is questioning me papa.
  • Tom defends himself and says he would never do anything bad to her. Atticus questions the other witnesses to get more of the story and builds his ethos as a good lawyer.
  • I didn't hurt her. If anything I felt bad for her.
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