English story board
Updated: 1/22/2020
English story board
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  • Act 1
  • I have been having some bad thoughts lately.
  • Oh well I dreamed of three weird sisters and they were super creepy
  • xxx
  • Act 2
  • I heard the owl screeching, the omen of death.
  • I heard in my dreams that I murder sleep. The dream was very scary and they kept repeating the same thing over and over
  • Act 2 cont.
  • I can't kill the king Macbeth. He reminds me of my father
  • I forgot to leave the daggers out so now even if I wash my hands I will still feel guilt
  • In this scene Macbeth and Banquo are talking about the witches and Macbeth tells him that they slipped his mind. Banquo
  • Act 3
  • Lady is passed out on the floor. What should we do?
  • I dunno just leave her.
  • Lady Macbeth hears owls screeching which an omen of death. Macbeth also hears people in his sleep yelling things about himself.
  • Act 4
  • We aren't sure of that guy.
  • Lady Macbeth can not commit murder because Duncan reminds her of her father. She becomes upset with Macbeth because he forgets to leave the dagger and she calls him a coward for not wanting to kill Duncan himself.
  • Macduff was asked to come to Macbeth's castle to be at Duncan's command. Macduff and Lennox experience weird things during the night while at the castle. Lady Macbeth faints to relieve any attention on herself.
  • The public believes that the guards were paid by Duncan sons to kill him. Macbeth is named king. Macduff has a growing suspicion of Macbeth as well as Banquo.
  • I am now the king and I shall rule all!
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