Unknown Story
Updated: 5/18/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Oh no! Juliet, my love, the rumors were true. My love has passed! Oh what a cruel world this is. I'm going to change it in memory of my one true love, you Juliet
  • I told you to stay out of Verona! I warned you that if I see you here again it is punishable by death!
  • You're alive?!
  • *gasps*
  • This must be witchcraft! I shall execute you right here right now!
  • Impulsivity is terrible when combine with anger. Please just let us explain.
  • NO! It wasn't him! It was me!
  • Why should I listen to you! You disobeyed my orders and use witchcraft now you will pay the price.
  • Please you will regret this. Just think of the effects that this will have!
  • Please let me explain!
  • May God have mercy on your soul!
  • What have I done?