Mr. Ackerman Social Studys
Updated: 11/17/2017
Mr. Ackerman Social Studys
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By Triniti Smith

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  • Welcome to the the Independence Hall
  • We will be discussing our first constitution of the United States. We should name it The Articles of Confederations
  • Act 1: introduction
  • I feel like it's going to turn out weak... (which it did)
  • The article of confederations is so weak though... how are we going to enforce their laws?
  • Act 2: Weak articles and Virginia plan
  • All well. However how is the Virginia plan going to be? 
  • We should propose for a strong government. Composed of 3 branches.
  • Where're forgetting the New jersey plan, what about that?
  • I think you mean the Small state plan? The small state plan (new jersey plan) gives the idea for two houses of congress
  • Act 3: New jersey plan and the Great Compromise
  • Sounds like we have to make a agreement, how about both states large and small, would have same amount of power with two representatives in the upper house.
  • What about the fact that the southern states want their slaves to count as people?
  • hmm... How about we make this deal, 5 of their slaves can count as 3 people.
  • Act 4: 3/5 compromise and commerce compromise
  • Another issue is arising though. Southern states don't want congress to control trade, when the northern states do. We will just make it so there is no export tax, and no limit on slave trade for 20 years
  • The bill of rights is the first 10 amendments of the Constitution.
  • Act 5: Bill of rights and ratification
  • So do you agree to this ratification?
  • Yes we do
  • Thank you for reading, i was trying to go for a little play type of style where these 3 men review all of these subjects :)
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