Point of Veiws
Updated: 2/24/2021
Point of Veiws

Storyboard Text

  • first person reliable
  • That's an Alien!
  • first person unreliable
  • Why can't I go around hitting people with tennis balls, it just a joke.
  • 2nd person
  • First you guys need to put a heading on your paper, then number it to ten.
  • I must go and tell Shaun about the Alien!
  • third person objective
  • "Ok, why don't Sarah and Megan go back to your desk and get some work done."
  • I'm never allowed to do anything funny!
  • third person limited
  • Finally, some time to do my work!
  • Hello virtual students, today we have a pop quiz so get out a piece of paper and then I'll tell you the instructions.
  • third person omniscent
  • I'm really excited for this!
  • Sarah and Megan were told to leave the meeting to go and get some work done.
  • Megan was relieved when she go back to her desk because she was swamped with work and needed to get started on it.
  • Emily and Nessa both met up for lunch at a cafe. Emily was very excited to learn more about Nessa. Nessa was nervous to let Emily know more about her