Why the evergreen trees never lose their leaves
Updated: 7/8/2020
Why the evergreen trees never lose their leaves

Storyboard Description

This is about a bird who lost its wing and told three trees to help him.

Storyboard Text

  • In the beginning the bird was flying south but it lost it wing.
  • First, the bird asked the birch tree but it said i have nothing to do.
  • Then, the bird asked the great oak tree but the oak tree said what will you do in the winter season.
  • Last, the little bird asked the willow tree but it did not know the birds name.
  • So the bird fly away even though its wing is broken but someone said Little bird where are you going. Come right here then said the spruce tree and it took care of it and the juniper gave the bird some berries. Then the third tree protect it from the wind
  • The three trees said " I shall not have strange birds on my boughs" said the Birch " I would not give the acorns to anyone." said the Oak. " I have nothing to do with strangers." said the Willow. Then in the morning, their leaves were falling down to the ground and the wind in its frolic said "May I touch any tree?" The frostking said "No". This is why the Evergreen tree never lose their leaves.
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