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The Feather Pillow
Updated: 10/2/2020
The Feather Pillow
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  • As the newly weds "returned homethrough the streets together at night she cast a furtive glance atthe impressive stature of her Jordan."
  • While in the garden "Jordan suddenly with deep tenderness,ran his hand very slowly over her head, and Alicia instantly burstinto sobs, throwing her arms around his neck."
  • Being in the garden "was the last day Alicia was well enough to be up. Onthe following day she awakened feeling faint. Jordan’s doctorexamined her with minute attention, prescribing calm andabsolute rest."
  • "Suddenly Alicia began to have hallucinations, vague images, atfirst seeming to float in the air, then descending to floor level. Hereyes excessively wide, she stared continuously at the carpet oneither side of the head of her bed. One night she suddenly focusedon one spot. Then she opened her mouth to scream, and pearls ofsweat suddenly beaded her nose and lips.“Jordan! Jordan!”
  • "Finally, Alicia died. The servant, when she came in afterward tostrip the now empty bed, stared wonderingly for a moment at thepillow. “Sir!” she called Jordan in a low voice. “There are stains on the pillow that look like blood.” Jordan approached rapidly and bent over the pillow. Truly, onthe case, on both sides of the hollow left by Alicia’s head, weretwo small dark spots"
  • In the dining room "The top feathers floated away, and the servant, her mouth opened wide, gave a scream of horror and covered her face with her clenched fists: in the bottom of the pillowcase, among the feathers, slowly moving its hairy legs, was a monstrous animal, a living, viscous ball."
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