Heros Journey Project
Updated: 1/29/2021
Heros Journey Project

Storyboard Text

  • Dental Dan Grew up in a very poor family. His family could unfortunately not afford basic hygiene such as cleaning teeth.
  • Living in a small town with an enormous family of 12. Dental Dan’s family unfortunately could not afford dental insurance which unfortunately resulted in many of his family members dying from gum disease. Dan fortunately was able to remain in perfect health,
  • , as a result of his dead family he managed to collect enough life insurance to go to an elite top-secret powerful dental school.
  • After his succesfsful journey in dental school, Dental Dan now had the knowledge he ever wanted to be able to avenge his family's deaths and fight off unnecessary dental misconduct.
  • Dental Dan was immortal and had super strength. With his unbeliavable amount of education he finally became smart and strong enough to start to fight a villan who has been taunting the city for MANY YEARS, Cavity Man.
  • After years of protecting his city, Dental Dan decides that one day when he needs to retire he needs someone to continue forward the family legacy and also someone who can help him fight off more of cavity man’s evil alliances.