Updated: 3/19/2020

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  • Boys we're going to Finland!
  • Sandra came home with the great news that her and her 2 sons Tom and Johnny.
  • Yay!
  • When there got home from work they shared the good news with him but he already new, it was actually his idea.
  • Dad we're going to Finland!
  • Really?
  • 15 years earier
  • Frank and his ex wife Rosemary are fighting about a rotten apple they found in their daughter Grainne's bag. They agreed they couldn't live together because all they did was fight.
  • if you cared about her education this wouldn't have happened!
  • A few years later Frank met Sandra at a concert they set beside each other and even though Sandras boyfriendwas right behind them they were in live by the end of the concert.
  • Sandra soon met Grainne and they loved each other. A few years past and one day Frank and Sandra told Grainne she was pregnant. Grainne was delighted
  • That brings us up to now. That baby turned out to be Johnny and they went on to have another Boy Tom.