Unknown Story
Updated: 3/11/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Hi mum, sorry I'm home late from school. I got a detention and had to stay back.
  • Come to the living room now and tell me what you did.
  • My friends and I made a fake account of my teacher to try and trick the other staff into telling us the answers for the test.
  • Other students saw us making fake email accounts and told the teachers.
  • Thomas you have tried to impersonate someone online which isn't just immoral but also illegal!
  • I know i feel really guilty.
  • wait until your dad hears about this.
  • You are a digital citizen who has the role of being safe, responsible and ethical online. Doing things like this is not being a respectful online citizen.
  • Son, you made a mistake, it's okay. Now you know how to uphold the responsibilities that come along with being a digital citizen
  • Please just always think about what you do online and how it may impact your life or someone else's. Remember that once it is online its there forever!
  • I'm sorry mum and dad. I know know how to be a better digital citizen.
  • Make sure you use these ethical practises every time you go online.
  • I'm glad we could help you become a better online user.