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Updated: 10/19/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Story board by: Tucker Murphy
  • Two Kinds by: Amy Tan
  • Jing-meis Mother was a immigrant from china who moved to america for a better life.
  • Jing-mei and her mother where watching Shirly temple on the tv, her mother wants Jing-mei to be a child prodigy like shirly temple. But jing-mei did not want to. she was really excited to be one but soon relized that she wants to be her own person.
  • So Jing-meis mother put her into piano lessons with there neighbor Mr.Chong, who was also deaf ike Bethoven!"he would say. he would provide piano lessons and the piano and Jing-meis mother would clean his house for her. she had classes for hours a day getting ready for her rehearsal.
  • when her rehearsal came and she was up she was nervous and her legs where shaking. as she started to play she could hear herself messing up but her hands couldnt stop. her hands kept going intel the song was over. when it was over the only one that stood up and cheered was Mr.Chong who seen her hands keep going but couldnt hear it. after the recital her mother didnt say a work do Jing-mei .
  • On jeng-meis 30th birthday her mother offered her the old piano but she refused the gift because she said she probably couldnt play. Her mother told her that she was a natural and she was the only one who could play it.
  • After Jeng-meis mother passed away she kept the piano and started practicing. she soon relized the music she used to play resembled her life. Her as a little girl and her as a adult now. the songs she was playing where two halves of the same song.
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