Updated: 5/3/2020

Storyboard Text

  • The king in front of his castle
  • Queen Esther and the king
  • Haman getting angry with Mordecai because Mordecai will not worship him so Haman orders to kill all of the Jews including Mordecai
  • No i will not!
  • Bow down before me and praise me!
  • The Jews and Mordecai are not aloud to enter the kings gate and so Mordecai is upset
  • Hathack one of the king's eunuchs cam to Esther and told her about Mordecai
  • Modecai is upset and is not aloud into the king's gate
  • When Esther hears about Mordecai she asks the king to have a banquet with Haman so the king agrees. When king discovers about Haman the king lets all the Jews back into the palace and executes Haman.