Provincial goverment
Updated: 2/11/2020
Provincial goverment
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  • What is a constituency?
  • This is my constituency and this is my constituency!
  • What is an MLA?
  • I think we need to make Alberta a better place to live!
  • I am the mace!
  • Yeah Alberta needs healthy citizens!
  • What happens at the legislative assembly?
  • Good idea!
  • Lets improve everything!
  • A constituency can be big or small, the reason why they have different sizes is because rural has a larger area than urban. There are 87 constituencys in Alberta and each of them are represented by an MLA. A constituency is a community which also means a group of people. One constituency would usually have over 30000 people. Those people should help the MLA with the provincial election because they would want that one MLA to help them with their constituency.
  • What is a political party?
  • Lets make healthcare better!
  • Healthcare would be really good!
  • An MLA is elected in their constituencys in Alberta, meaning that there are 87 total MLA's in Alberta. There are two MLA's in Red Deer, They are Mrs, Adriana Lagrange which represents the north part of Red Deer and Mr. Jason Stephan which represents Red Deer south. An MLA represents their constituency. An MLA is also a member of the legislative assembly so they would try make Alberta a better place by listening to their constituency and debating.
  • What is a cabinet minister?
  • Im gonna go home!
  • You have to work tommorow ok!
  • 87 MLA's all gather up at the legislative assembly trying to make decisions to make Alberta a better place while debating about the different ideas to make Alberta a better place. In the legislative assembly there should be a speaker, mace, and 87 MLA's. The mace is the person who sits between the two sides and the government MLA's and the opposition MLA's would be sitting beside the mace.
  • What is a lieutenant governor?
  • I will have to decline that because we have good supplies here!
  • A political party is a group of politicians that try to make an idea. Lots of political partys try to focus on healthcare, education, social services, etc. Political partys make a decision on only one idea and they try to get citizens to vote for their party because if they won then that means they get the most work for what they chose. when a political party has the most votes means that they don't win but they get the most power, the other partys still get some power aswell.
  • Yes I agree on healthcare!
  • An experiencd MLA picks one MLA to be the cabinet minister. A cabinet minister keeps track of the different ministries or they can keep track of the departments. The different ministrys are healthcare, education, social services, economic development, enviromental protection, and finace. Ministry and department make sure that you should have a service to be doing. Some ministries make sure that your doing your service like the ministry of education.
  • A lieutenant governor is picked by a governor general of canada and is also representing the queen of england or the monarch. The lieutenant governor is picked by the governer general and is not elected. The lieutenant governor starts the meeting with a speech and also ends the meeting. The lietenant governor will make the aproval of a new law which means that they either agree or decline with the new law idea.
  • We want better Supplies!
  • We want better supplies!
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