Updated: 3/23/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Hi I'm a volcano!!I am filled with magma, but when I erupt *BOOM* the magma becomes lava
  • As lava when I cool and crystallize I become an igneous rock
  • When lava cools and crystallizes it becomes an igneous rock
  • When a igneous rock starts weathering and erosion it becomes sediments
  • I'm an igneous rock
  • We're sediments compaction and cementation turns us into sedimentary rocks
  • Then compaction and cementation turns sediments into a sedimentary rock
  • I'm a sedimentary rock!
  • When a sedimentary rock is under heating and pressure it becomes a metamorphic rock
  • I'm a metamorphic rock
  • When a metamorphic rock is in heat and starts to melt it becomes magma