Meet the Characters for Secrets of Magic
Updated: 6/12/2020
Meet the Characters for Secrets of Magic

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With Emma.

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  • This way to...Izzy's room
  • Tele-K rules!
  • Zoe's room
  • Flame
  • Scarlet's roomDo not enter!
  • Izzy is a very friendly person with people she knows. If you do something nice for her, she will remember and make sure to pay you back. But make sure you don't get on her bad side, or a bunch of bricks might follow you around for a week! For Izzy's power, is telekenisis.
  • Mina's room
  • Zoe is a very friendly, carring and sometimes bossy person. She loves to draw, colour, and paint in her free time even though she usually doesn't get much. A lot of people call her a perfectionist because her drawings and paintings always have to be perfect. Unlike most of the others she doesn't use her power much (teleportation).
  • Lisa's "List"MaddyBobFlorenceMina
  • Lisa's RoomEnter if you dare!
  • Scarlet is a surprisingly patient person. She can sit in one spot for hours without getting bored. But most of the time when she gets bored she starts playing with fire and leaves everyone around her confused. You just have to be very careful around her because her power is fire control.
  • Mina is a book worm. She loves to read and it is her favourite thing to do. She does it whenever she can! If you were wondering why she is on Lisa's list it's because not so long ago she made a force field right beside Lisa and as soon as the force field touched Lisa she bounced right off into the fence.
  • Everyone thinks Lisa is a very friendly person for she has tons of friends. The one thing they don't know is how she got them. That is one of her little secrets. The sign on her wall labeled "Lisa's "List"" is a list of people who have annoyed her. Or like she likes to say her list of people to laser. And whoever gets on the list never come off!
  • Stuff to laseR
  • Nick loves sports and is conctently bouncing a ball. She almost made Lisa's list when she accidentally threw one of her balls directly at Lisa's face. Luckly, it missed. All Lisa did was deflate it with her laser eyes. Since then, she has been very careful about where she puts her balls. As you can see Nick is very protective about her stuff.
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