Updated: 4/14/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Toby's POV: I wonder what happens when I go through puberty?
  • during puberty boys will start to grow hair around pubic areas, face, chest, legs and arms. They will also grow larger testicals and lager biceps. Boys and girls will also go through acne with will grow pimples around their bodies.
  • We also go through rapid growth spirts and we also change emotionally. We will become more independent and become more emotionally intense.
  • Toby's POV: maybe I could ask him!
  • hey do you know what happens to people during puberty?
  • With girls they usually have their periods during puberty. They will do a lot of things that boys do but they also grow breasts and become able to reproduce. They will also grow bigger hips incase the woman is pregnant.
  • I sure do kid!
  • what about girls?