Black History
Updated: 3/5/2020
Black History

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  • Harriet Tubman started as a slave on a plantation in Maryland at the age of five or six. Her dad and mother were also slaves on the same plantation.
  • Then at the age 25 she married a free slave. She also decided she wanted to be a free slave and ran away. She traveled 90 miles to a town that didn't have slavery.
  • She made it to the town, and later got her named changed to Harriet Tubman. She also wanted to help other slaves escape.
  • She decided to join the Underground Railroad. Later she went back to the same plantation to gather some of the other slaves there. Which started her career as a member of the Underground Railroad system.
  • She gathered some slaves on the same day, and made her way back to the town. It increased her number of slaves freed in the system. She became famous and many slave owners started to know and target her.
  • The following days she got back to the town, those slaves lived their new lives at the town. Then she wanted to save more slaves and did the same thing again, and got more freed slaves under her named. She later died by pneumonia in March 10, 1913.
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