Unknown Story
Updated: 3/11/2021
Unknown Story

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  • I'll Come Get you brother.
  • Your coming with me
  • I'll come get you
  • The Twins were sentences to death and the servant spared their lives so he put them in a basket and floated them down the river where he was found by a shepherd.
  • I want it here
  • I want it here
  • Remus was captured and taken to king Amulius.
  • HaHa I can jump over your wall.
  • Romulus came and got Remus and ended up killing King Amulius during the job. They were offered to be kings, but they wanted to build their own civilization.
  • Not laughing now are you.
  • They argued about where they were going to build it.
  • Romulus started to dig trenches and build walls because he lost in the angury, Remus could easily jump the walls and go through the ditches and would make fun of the wall.
  • Ok,OK I see how it is
  • Romulus killed Remus because he got mad because he kept making fun of his walls and that day Rome was founded.