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The Study of Atoms
Updated: 10/10/2019
The Study of Atoms
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  • I'm Demacritus, and I think matter is made of small,solid, parts that can not be altered in any way.
  • I'm Aristotle, and I think all matter is made of four elements. Fire,water,earth, and air.
  • I'm John Dalton and I agree with Democritus. Matter is made of small solid things called atoms. They combine in specific ratios and cannot be changed,divide,destroyed,or created.
  • I,Thomson, have experimented with cathode ray tubes. I discovered that cathode rays are made of negatively charged particles. This means all atoms have negative particles.
  • Indeed Rutherford but your forgetting that I discovered that the nucleus also has neutrally charged particles.
  • I'm Ernest Rutherford and i discovered that atoms have tightly packed nucleuses filled with positive particles.
  • My apologies James Chadwick
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