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MS.mason project
Updated: 9/20/2018
MS.mason project
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  • Survivor By: Tyesha Burnley
  • Rosie is a giraffe that lives in a zoo. One day, she woke up and she was really hungry. She sees a Acacia tree and it is standing 15 feet away looking at the tree at a angle of 77 degrees . So she uses trig. She finds out that tan(77)*15 =484.02. So the tree is 484 feet high.
  • 77
  • 15 ft
  • x ft
  • Since the tree is too high up, Rosie decides to find another tree. So she see's another acacias tree that is 10 feet high and the angle to the tree is 60 degrees . She uses trig to figure out how far away the tree is. She finds out that 10 over tan(60) = 5.8. She is only 5.8 feet away.
  • 60
  • x ft
  • 10
  • The next day Rosie woke up and realized the acacia trees were getting cut down!
  • Oh no what am I going to eat now?
  • x ft
  • 4 ft
  • Rosie is really sad and decides to switch to a different type of tree, a oak tree. Since she is 4 feet away from the 10- foot tree, to find the angle of elevation she uses trig again. She figures out that the angle is tan-1 10/4 = 68.2.
  • 8 ft
  • The End........
  • Susie finally can now rest and eat food far away so they will not get cut and where the are enough oak trees to survive for a lifetime.
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