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  • Stranded on an island with nothing but her trusty microscope, Stacey decided to do some research on the flora nearby
  • Oh look, this cell has some weird green part to it that fills up a space. I shall call it chlorophyll. Maybe it plays an important role in the production of food for plants. It also appears to be a pigment, which would make sense for the coloring of the plant to be green
  • Hmm... I wonder how plant survive if they don't eat and food from other organisms.
  • A few days after being stranded, Stacey found a crazy old bird that put himself under the microscope to be examined.
  • Well, that's odd. This bird doesn't have the same organelles as the plant, perhaps that is why the plant doesn't need to food. I think my theory is coming together.
  • Being insane to prove her theory, Stacey placed a bird into a jar with a plant to see what happens to the gasses produced by the plant and the bird.
  • Hmm, the bird's not dead yet and the glass hasn't exploded from built up gasses, so that means the CO2 made by the bird must be used by the plant. Since the bird isn't dead, the plant must be producing oxygen too!
  • One day, while exploring, Stacey found another stranded person that she could finally explain her ideas too.
  • I have so much to talk about. I've been doing some research and I think I know why plants don't need to eat food. It's because they go through something I call synthesis. But by the looks of it, this cave is pretty barren, it looks like plants need light to survive also. I shall rename my process to photosynthesis. 
  • Hey, I'm Joe.
  • Excited to finally have someone to talk to, Stacey started ranting about her theories the moment the duo stepped out of the cave
  • STACY'S STRANDED STUDIES: ACT 1, Photosynthesis
  • Now that we're out of the cave, I'll tell you all about my forumla for how plants survive using photosynthesis. On the reactant side, there is CO2, H2O and light, and on the product side, there is O2 and C6H12O6. Does that seem right to you?
  • Sure, but what's with all the letters and numbers together?
  • Realizing she was dealing with a man with no sense of chemistry, Stacey decided to explain in word form.
  • This might make more sense. A plant uses carbon dioxide, water and light to make oxygen and glucose, a compound used to store energy as a sugar. Oh, I forgot to mention that I believe this all takes place in the chloroplast with help from the chlorophyll
  • Makes sense to me!
  • I'm so lost
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