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Creation Story
Updated: 8/26/2020
Creation Story
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  • "It all began in an empty and desolate space, four travelers were sent on a quest to find a suitable place to live.
  • "The Four Travelers rode on a giant comet that was hurtling through space. The travelers were weary of the journey that seemed everlasting. Until Finally they spotted a planet off in the distance that seemed green and teeming with life
  • Keyone: "Guys! i have an idea! what If we lasso that big giant white ball that is orbiting the planet and slingshot towards the planet?"
  • "The travelers were hurtling towards this new planet, but at their current course they would soar right past the planet
  • Ivanka: That's a great idea! i can do it, I am the best at the lasso where i come from
  • All: Yes you got it great job! now swing us in the right direction!
  • The travelers hurtled towards the new planet with no way to stop... they crashed into the surface of the planet, creating a vibrant explosion of fire and demolished pieces of the ground
  • lazion: It's so dark and smokey; everything is destroyed! this place is hideous!
  • Jasmine: come on guys give it some credit. it only looks like this because of the impact caused by us
  • Ivanka: we should try to find some shelter while we wait for all this putrid smooke to clear out. who knows how long it will take
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