history final part 2
Updated: 12/1/2020
history final part 2

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  • oh yeah, I just found where he says, "Let them all hear it. It is for them I suffer, more than for myself."
  • wow, in that quote Oedipus is willing to die not to be a bystander! He got rid of the plague on his city and helped the commonwealth. by not letting more people die,
  • 2. I read that too! The article said, "that's when Tim knew no one was going to intervene. Those who hadn’t joined in were filming the attack on their phones. No one tried to help. Were they afraid they’d get hurt? Maybe they didn’t know what to do. Tim didn’t either — but he jumped in and started pulling the mob off the person. "
  • 1. I just though of a final example of someone intervening not to be a bystander! I read an article the other day where a guy protected a cross dresser.
  • 3. The person that was getting attacked got so lucky that Tim strayed away from being a bystander. Tim helped that person so much, because human society tends not to do anything when they are surrounded by people not doing anything either.
  • yeah, all of the examples we showed each other had one common theme, help others whenever possible, even when you feel social pressure not to.
  • I learned a lot about how being a bystander can cause harm to the common good today!
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