Updated: 5/8/2020

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  • Friends are always loyal to each other. They look out for each other in small ways and in big ways as well.
  • Hey thanks for saving me a seat today Dennis, I wasn't expecting to be so late!
  • We're coming Walter
  • No problem Carson! I knew you'd show up eventually.
  • Come on guys before we're gonna be late!
  • Friends are willing to be honest with each other to help them, even at the cost of feelings.
  • I know this is the right answer! What else could it be!
  • I know it looks like the right one, but you forgot to consider the mass.
  • Friends hang out with each other and spend time together.
  • HAHAHAHA jeez Walt!
  • Friends also spend time with each other eating. Going out to eat is a great idea where people can meet up and friendships to form.
  • Friends support each other despite their mistakes and flaws. As a friend you should lift them up when they're down, NOT degrade and belittle them when they fall.
  • 3. You can't control when you mess up like that it's okay man.
  • 1. I don't know how I could mess up a goal that bad. It was wide open...
  • Most important of all of these traits is the ability to know when your messed up, and apologize for it.
  • I fee lawful about it. Even if I'm mad, I had no right to say that.
  • Hey man, I'm really sorry about what I said after our game.
  • It's all good man. I know how passionate you are about soccer. I appreciate it though.