Beowulf Storyboard Assignment
Updated: 3/18/2020
Beowulf Storyboard Assignment

Storyboard Text

  • I shall take on this vicious dragon!!
  • Beowulf had been ruling a great nation for over 50 years after slaying Grendel and his mother, until...
  • A fierce dragon had been awoken and began terrorizing this great nation. Beowulf being the great hero he is, decided to take on this Dragon, so that his nation would prosper.
  • Beowulf set out to find the vicious beast and upon discovering it, he quickly draws his sword in order to slay it.
  • Beowulf tries to impale the dragon with his sword, but his sword snaps and the dragon begins to breathe fire at him...
  • The fire melts Beowulf's sword and he does not know what to do next..
  • Beowulf looks into the oncoming flames, not knowing what to do next... is this it for our great hero?