Media thing
Updated: 6/5/2020
Media thing

Storyboard Text

  • Camera starts in the hole in the ground. It then moves to current angle
  • Mise en scene: Tyler is positioned to the left of the screen with a giant hole in the middle.Coulors: Dark colorsCamera: Come out of hole and move to position chown
  • Colors: All blackCamera: Spinning Mise en scene: Tyler in center
  • Colors: BlackMise en Scene: Tyler is positioned bottom middle of screen
  • All black with Tyler's eyes in middle
  • Colors: Red and block. Monster: Bright purple, black red. Reaper: Dark grey, red face and eyesMise en scene: Tyler bottom center, monster middle right and reaper center.Camera: Pan left to right
  • W-w-here am I???
  • Colors: SameMise en Scene: Grave stone in centerCamera: Forward