Fever 1793
Updated: 3/16/2021
Fever 1793

Storyboard Description

Grandfather Death Mattie and Grandfather had been at Bush Hill. They went back to the coffeehouse and it was destroyed. Mattie was trying to take care of everything. One night while Mattie was sleeping, thieves broke in again. Grandfather threatened the thieves, he counted to three or and he shot at the thieves but the gun shot knocked grandfather to the ground. Then the thieves punched grandfather across the face and he hit his head on the wooden floor. Grandfather punched him and Mattie yelled, “Get off of him!” The thieves were choking grandfather to death. Mattie said “Get off him!” The man ignored Mattie and grandfather closed his eyes. Mattie said, “ No!” and sliced him across the shoulder. He said, “You cut me!” Mattie said, “Leave or I will hit you again.” so he left.

Storyboard Text

  • oh no what are we going to do
  • there is someone in there
  • Oh no everything is gone
  • every thing is destroyed
  • get off
  • no get away
  • get off of me
  • you cut me
  • get off or ill hit with my sword
  • What am i going to do with out grandfarther
  • where is everybody nobodys here what is that noise
  • bring out your dead