zanes trace
Updated: 1/16/2020
zanes trace
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  • Zane's TraceAllan WolfTy Tschetter
  • I'm going to go insane my mom killed herself and my dad died from drinking and now the old mans gone too. I've got the gun my mother killed herself with and I'm going to go do the same right in front of her grave.
  • Give me your hand tell me about your mother.
  • She was an amazing woman she always seemed happy but she was just crazy.
  • Zane has always been a weird kid he writes on his walls all the time and has regular seizures. His mom and mad both died his mom committed suicide by gun and his dad died drinking at a friends house. After smudging out his grandpa (the old man) on the wall, he suddenly dies. Zane takes off in a stolen car to Zanesville where he plans to kill himself next to his moms grave. "My mother used it to kill herself. She is buried in the family plot in Zanesville." (Wolf 25)
  • good thing I had the gun fixed so it cant fire anymore.
  • I had it unfixed
  • Zane keeps seeing these relatives of his that take control of people and talk to him this girl is one of them. She is riding along with Zane and she is just trying to keep him safe. "I find her hand in the darkness and as I hold it, my body's every ache dissolves, my fingertips, my hand, my arm is on fire." (Wolf 143)
  • he gets to his mothers grave and she is there her ghost for that matter. she tells him that he has an important choice to make with the gun she disappears with the wind and leaves him there. "so I drop to my knees alone at my mothers grave. The muzzle under my chin, and my finger on the trigger." (Wolf 168) "I lower the gun and stand up in the wind. I feel like I belong here, standing in the wind. I feel I am the wind itself." (Wolf 169)
  • After Zane decides that he wont do it his brother finds him and tells him that the gun is harmless and just to prove it he puts it to Zane's Chest and fires. "He assures me the gun is harmless. Assures me the gun won't fire. And just to prove it he levels the barrel at my chest and he squeezes the trigger." (Wolf 173)
  • not possible watch I'll prove it.
  • no, Zach
  • the gun ends up misfiring and no one is harmed and after the old mans funeral they take the cremated remains to a sand box and bury them. "We Bury the old man's ashes in the sand box."(Wolf 175
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