Updated: 1/13/2021

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  • Do you deserve our sympathy, asshole!
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  • You have been diagnosed with major depression
  • photo1action: The reporter interviewing Sarimusic: Arthur: Welcome to today’s interview program. Today we are going to interview the girl group member Shirley. Applause welcome
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  • photo1action: people still think she's pretending to be pathetic and deceiving people.
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  • photo2action: with the the pressure of public opinion and people's abuse, she was diagnosed with depressiondialog: Arthur: I'm sorry miss Sari, You have been diagnosed with major depression.
  • credit
  • Sari: Lucy Reporter, psychologist: ArthurStoryboard: ArthurDialogue draft: LucyAnimation production: JoeVideo clip; Joe, Arthur, Lucy
  • photo1action: Sari couldn't bear the huge psychological pressure and finally chose to commit suicideMusic: Arthur: In the end, Shirley chose to end her life because she ...
  • photo1action: After the death, people are finally aware of their mistakes, but it's too late.
  • I hate those Internet violent idiots
  • Maybe if... we were wrong.
  • How poor she is.
  • good bye world~
  • The End