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Updated: 5/20/2020
Independent book study

Storyboard Text

  • Born in Jakalfax Morrigan crow is going to die on eventide. But pursued by the hunt of smoke and shadow Jupiter north whisks her away to Nevermoor
  • Now safely in Nevermoor Morrigan now must undertake the wundrous society trials in order to stay in Nevermoor and not go back to jakal fax where the hunt of smoke and shadow will be waiting
  • In Morrigan's first trial she is worried but she makes it through to part two of her 1st trial where the elders ask her questions and even though she gets most of them wrong she still makes it through to the next trial
  • in Morrigan's second trial - the chase trial - she has to ride a steed and hit one of the targets located around nevermoor. Jupiter gets Fenestra the huge Magnificat for her to ride, Morrigan almost gets a golden target but somebody else gets there first but somebody cheated and she still gets through
  • in her third trial Morrigan is at the black parade when she and Hawthorne hear an old lady's voice which was enticing them into the fright trial and they would get two frights each suddenly Morrigan and Hawthorne are surrounded by zombies then Hawthorne grabs a torch from the wall to fend off the zombies and they both make it to the next trial
  • in the show trial Morrigan has no idea what her knack is when suddenly Jupiter rushes in and tells the elders what it is. Morrigan later finds out that she is a wundersmith; both feared an loved